Thursday, 15 March 2012

Tefal Collection


Tefal, the non-stick cookware inventor and world leader, is an industry benchmark and sets the standard in non-stick coating technology. The brand is recognised for the variety and originality of its offer, and renowned for its unique Thermo-Spot Heat indicator.

Tefal presents its ultimate range of innovations.

Pre-Order Koleksi Tefal dibuka hingga 31/3/2012. Produk akan sampai ke Malaysia  pada pertengahan  April 2012. Deposit RM50 untuk setiap tempahan yang dibuat.

26cm TEFAL Gourmet Fry ( Hard Anodised ) :
Produk Kod : TFGF_001

- Unique Thermo Spot heat indicator lets you know your pan is preheated to the right
  temperature to seal in the  flavour and moisture of your food.
- Hard Anodised base for efficient and rapid heat distribution.
- Riveted stainless steel handle.
- Oven safe up to 260 degree Celcius

Produk Kod : TFGF_001 ( RM185 )

32cm TEFAL Hard Anodised  Wokpan with Lid :
Produk Kod : TFWP_002

- Expert non-stick interior coating designed to guarantee exceptional cooking performance
- With reinforced top coat layer, the Wokpan is metal utensil safe suitable for intensive 
- Steam vent allows excess steam to escape.
- Riveted silicone handle with metal insert.
- Oven safe up to 180 degree Celcius.

Produk Kod : TFWP_002 ( RM375 )

Tefal Electric Minut Cook Pressure Cooker
Produk Kod : TFPC_003

- 70% faster than normal pressure cooker
- 6L Capacity
- Stainless steel exterior
- Digital timer with count down
- 3 cooking mode: Browning, simmer, saute
- Non-stick removable cooking bowl
- Automatic keep warm setting with pressure release at the end of cooking
- Overheat protection & safety system basket
- Power 1000W

Produk Kod : TFPC_003 ( RM1200 )

( Ansuran diterima. Maximum 3 kali bayar, habis bayar baru dapat produk )

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